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Entry #3

Last First Day of High School

2011-08-08 21:16:18 by Shadow4everandaDay

Senior year is here and I am caught in the thick of it.
I cannot believe it's already here. I want to drop Chemistry right now! There is no way I'll survive a day in that class. I am a dummy with Math. God, my future is floundering in front of my face. Someone tell me what I am supposed to do in order to survive as an artist in this world. Can I survive on art, movie making and words? I hope so because at this moment I am so stressed out... I feel like I am going to die.
Well, I know my first two flash submissions are complete poo poo, but I AM working on something that might actually be worth watching. It is a spoof flash about J.G. Quintel's Regular Show. I was so close to finishing but now with high school in the way, I don't know how long it is going to take before it is really done.
Also who here knows how to make it so the flash only plays once? I'm sure google knows the answer, I'll just go ask him.


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2011-08-08 23:11:48

Well, I'll be a Freshman in a week. You make me want to go hide in a hole!

As for the movie, if you are using Flash 8 or AS2 on the frame you want it to stop click the frame, press f9, and then type:


2011-08-09 00:38:55

Just keep plugging away, because dedication is all in the attitude.

Try not to get 'too' sidetracked by your flash animations.